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Here the poet refers to the mockery made by the ant. The ant mocked the cricket because the ant was worked hard during the summer months to relax and have food during winter; whereas the cricket, had sung songs all day during summer and now came to the ant for help. This also refers to the poet mocking lazy people.

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It is about a silly young cricket and a miser ant. The cricket used to sing all day long and enjoy his good times during the summer season. He lacked farsightedness, for he never had plans for his future. When the winter arrived, cricket couldn’t find a small amount of food to eat. So the cricket thinks to go to ant to borrow food and to get shelter.

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The poem The Ant and the Cricket is a story of two insects – a cricket (a grasshopper-like insect) and an ant. The cricket is silly that does not care about the future and keeps enjoying the summer season rather than collecting food or making a shelter for itself. On the other hand, the ant is wise. Instead of wasting time it gathers food for itself and makes shelter.

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My heart, was so light That I sang day and night, For all nature looked gay." "You sang, Sir, you say ? Go then," says the ant, "and dance the winter away." 1. Whose heart was light ? (a) the poet's (b) the ant's (c) the Cricket's (d) a singer. Ans:(c) 2. What did he do out of joy ?

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1 Created by Pinkz. Grade VIII Lesson 1. The Ant and the Cricket. There was a cricket that sang and danced all through the pleasant months of summer and spring. However, when the winter arrived, he became desperate and began to complain. He hadn’t saved anything and there was no food at home. Even in the spaces beyond his home, he couldn’t find anything that would sustain him.

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The Ant and the Cricket Summary In English. Desperate Cricket There was a cricket. He used to sing all through the pleasant months of summer and spring. When winter arrived, he found that there was no food at home. Then he said “What will become of me ?” He became desperate by starvation. He went to an ant.

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Answer: The line from the poem that means the same as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” was “But we ants never borrow; we ants never lend.”. From the ant’s principle, we learn that we should save enough for the future, so that we might not need to borrow or lend from anyone in times of need.