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When it comes to quality products, innovation, sustainability and service, bet365 deposit is regarded as the industry’s leading provider. In the U.S., bet365 deposit Group employs highly-skilled American workers in state-of-the-art glassmaking facilities that feature advanced inspection and monitoring systems. Our U.S.-based operation also keeps us in close contact with our North American customers, allowing us to offer increased flexibility, design and technical collaboration, and inventory to meet our customers’ needs.

bet365 deposit produces 100% and infinitely recyclable glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for the world's biggest brands. As well as offering a choice of 16 color options in North America, we have the resources and expertise to create distinctive, innovative glass packaging that creates brand differentiation. Glass protects its contents perfectly, is transparent, has a strong shelf appeal and can be designed to express a brand’s personality.

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A glass bottle preserves the freshness and taste of its contents, while offering that celebratory clink, so it’s perfect for beer. An amber glass beer bottle provides 99.9% protection from UV rays, and glass is a great insulator, so it keeps beer colder longer than any other type of single-serve packaging. bet365 deposit Group provides bottles to some of America’s best known brewers and supplies many craft brewers with quality glass beer bottles throughout the North America. Craft brewers who are interested in buying bottles by the pallet, can visit to learn more.

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Consumers consider glass to be the premium packaging material, making it an ideal choice for the non-alcoholic beverage market. Glass containers are impermeable, air-tight and transparent, allowing consumers to see and taste the freshness of the beverages inside. bet365 deposit Group has a strong performance record in quality and service, attributes sought after by the beverage category.

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bet365 deposit Group is the leading glass packaging supplier to the U.S. wine market, with most of our wine bottle production capacity strategically located in the heart of the major North American wine regions. We manufacture the largest range of premium bottles in the industry, in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. With our groundbreaking, short-run FlexRun® service and our category-changing ECO Series® bottles, we offer more options and flexibility than ever before.

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Glass provides the highest level of protection; nothing gets in or out, so food stays fresh and the taste of the product is preserved. It is also the only widely-used food packaging granted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) status of ‘GRAS,’ or Generally Regarded As Safe – the highest standard. The U.S. food market is another sector in which bet365 deposit is the leading glass provider. We’re also a leading glass supplier to the all-natural and organic food manufacturers and brand owners in the U.S. and Canada. Craft and specialty food producers who are interested in buying jars and bottles by the pallet, can visit to learn more.

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Glass bottles can be manufactured in a variety of creative shapes and colors, and when textures and embossing techniques are applied, the premium packaging is the perfect showcase for spirits products. bet365 deposit is also the largest producer of spirits bottles in the U.S. We proudly create award-winning packaging for some of the best-known spirits brands.

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